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The following tours have been identified for the afternoon of Wednesday, 03 July 2013, and can be attended at around R200 per person; depending on interest (please indicate this when registering):

Afternoon Tour – iShack
The iShack in Enkanini is part of a research project at SU’s Sustainability Institute and Tsama Hub which aims to inform workable strategies to upgrading infrastructure in informal settlements. The iShack is ecologically designed and powered by solar PV DC microgrid technology and research findings indicate that residents have experienced significant gains in thermal comfort and energy security. The on-going iShack project extends these core upgrades to improvements in sanitation, waste and water services, with research focussed as much on the innovative assemblage of new and existing technologies as it is on simulating viable delivery systems toward translating upgrading policy into practice.

Afternoon Tour – Sustainability Institute
The Sustainability Institute is an international living and learning centre located outside Stellenbosch. Surrounded by the breath taking beauty of the Cape’s towering mountains and rooted in an agricultural community needing to break free from its’ racial past, the Sustainability Institute provides a space for people to explore an approach to creating a more equitable society that lives in a way that sustains rather than destroys the eco-system within which all society is embedded.

The Sustainability Institute forms part of the wider Lynedoch Eco-Village. This is an emerging ecologically designed, socially-mixed community built around a learning precinct, the heart of which is the Lynedoch pre- and Primary School attended by 450 children who come mainly from the families of farmworkers. This emerging community offers a unique African setting where creative work and learning can be inspired by the joys and challenges of sustainability in practice.

Founded in 1999, the Sustainability Institute provides residential accommodation for visiting writers, artists, activists, volunteers and scholars, and a learning space for participants in the Institute’s various educational programmes.

Dinner (both tours) – Ama-Zink Restaurant, Khayamandi
Amazink is an eatery in the heart of Khayamandi, one of the local poor neighbourhoods of Stellenbosch. This restaurant serves traditional Xhosa food and drinks, and claims to have one of the best views of the Helshoogte and Stellenbosch mountains in town. The surrounding vibrant community will ensure you have a heartfelt, friendly and warm invitation, with the possibility of a show of the local talent. Do not miss this opportunity to feel the African spirit in your belly.

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